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Related Projects and Web Sites

Here is a list of web sites that are related to the EVMS project or that contain information that may be useful to EVMS users.

  • Linux Distributions

    The following distros include support for EVMS.

  • Device-Mapper Resources

    Red Hat's web site containing the latest development patches for the Device-Mapper kernel driver.

  • System Rescue CD

    A project to provide a small, pre-built CD image for rescuing and repairing your system after a crash. This bootable CD contains full support for EVMS. This project provides a great method for rescuing your EVMS-based system in case of a crash, or for making changes to volumes that you wouldn't normally be able to take off-line while your system is running.

  • Christophe Saout

    Christophe Saout's web page contains the dm-crypt and cryptsetup tools for doing block-level encryption using Device-Mapper. He also has patches for LILO to support Device-Mapper devices.

  • Linux-HA

    The Linux High-Availability project provides clustering services. This software is required for EVMS to operate on a cluster of computers that share storage devices.

  • OpenGFS

    An open-source cluster filesystem.

  • The Linux Documentation Project

    Primary location of the EVMS User Guide. The guide is available in several formats, including text, html, postscript and pdf.